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We offer golf carts and LSVs for rent to vacationers and tourists in Folly Beach, South Carolina. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality golf carts for an optimal experience on the island! Enjoy Folly Beach as it was meant to be enjoyed, on a cart!



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We strive to maximize your fun on Folly Beach. We are a locally owned and operated company and take pride in our services and beach. You will love our carts and staff, that’s a promise!

Our Range of Carts

Folly Beach Golf Carts now offers street legal vehicles which enables you to enjoy Folly Beach after sunset, so you can enjoy dinner without having to rush back before sunset. We have new ICON and USEV carts in 4 and 6 person options to accommodate the needs of various group types. Check our calendar for availability.

People often ask what the difference is between a LSV and a regular golf cart. The difference is that a LSV is basically an electric car minus the doors. It has an actual SC tag on it just like a car, so you may drive a little past sunset, it also has seat belts for the kids, lights and turn signals. It costs a little more, but you will see and feel the difference.

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Raving Review From Customers!

The grooviest place and guy on the beach to rent a cart from! They’re reliable, the service is excellent and it ALWAYS makes for a great time, (and easy means to get around the beach!)
— Mak A.
We rented a house in Folly Beach and decided that a golf cart would be helpful to see the whole island. Folly Beach Golf Rental was very friendly and good to rent from. I would recommend this place to anyone!
— Laura M. (Aurura, IL)
Folly Beach golf carts was a fantastical experience. David was friendly, helpful, and prices were super fair. Golf carts were in great condition, and being able to explore around Folly on them, helped make our vacation so much more fun!
— Darren S.
Fabulous experience. Would Recommend them to everyone!
— Pattie K.